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The Cotswold Petroleum team have dedicated staff that are happy to advise on any aspects of farm fuel, so please do call us on 01386 579579

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Cotswold Petroleum is one of the few truly remaining family owned Independent distributors of Agricultural Fuels.

We understand in the busy Harvest Times, You want and Expect Cotswold Petroleum to deliver your fuel On Time and within Budget.

Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)

IHO (Industrial Heating Oil) is a blend of petroleum fractions and performance additives which provides a more economical alternative to BS2869 Class D Gas Oil for burning applications.

IHO is specifically intended for use in Agricultural and commercial boiler applications for heat generation. It typically finds application in Grain Dryers and heating large buildings.

  • Compliant with BS2869 Class D (except for Cetane Value) – British Standard for heating oil.
  • Same calorific value as Gas Oil – same heat output for less money.
  • Same physical properties as Gas Oil – no burner modifications required.
  • Totally miscible with Gas Oil – no need to empty fuel tanks before changing to Oilfast IHO.
  • Low CFPP/pour point – allows year round summer/winter performance.
  • Reduced sulphur content – lowers acidic flue gas emissions by up to 50%.
  • FAME/biodiesel free – reduces the potential for bacterial attack of the stored fuel.
  • Light colour, low odour, sediment free – much cleaner than some commercially available products.

Just give our us a call on 01386 579 579 to see if we can further reduce your energy cost.

Cotswold Petroleum are privileged to have a truly British Independent lubricant supplier with the same values of service as Cotswold Petroleum.

If you have any questions or queries about any of our fuel we offer, please phone us on 01386 579579 or use our contact form

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