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Smart Guard Monitoring Service

Cotswold Petroleum try to exceed not only customer focus & satisfaction but wish to ensure your home fuel never runs out.

The SmartGuard is an accurate probe that measures the level of oil in your tank and continuously checks for theft or leaks.

  • Security - When a fuel tank level drops faster than normal, an alarm text message is sent to the owner’s mobile phone and optionally may be sent to several email addresses too.
  • Save - The daily levels are stored on the internet so you can monitor your level. Graphs of oil used each day, the tank level and the anticipated run out date can all be seen and we have tools to allow you to see the effect of changing how you set your thermostat etc.
  • Relax – the system will remind you when you get low so that you can arrange a delivery so you need never run out again, or face bills for restarting your boiler.
  • Easy – fitted in minutes with no wires, the probe is a watchdog that never sleeps is never sick and never complains.

The SmartGuard is a cost effective solution for

  • Retirement Homes
  • Farms
  • Hotels
  • Commercial and domestic storage tanks
  • Building sites
  • Generators
  • Golf Clubs

Top up service

Automatic Top Up Service

Being local to the Cotswold community and having our own storage facility means we can truly provide a fast efficient professional service for all our top up customers.

Let us take the worry of you running out of oil when you least expect it.

Budget Plan Service

Let Cotswold Petroleum help with balancing your Heating Oil Budget, let us take the heat out of Your Energy cost by:

  • Spreading the costs monthly by basing this on your yearly consumption
  • Tailor a payment plan to suit you
  • Setting up a Direct Debit
  • Reviewing Your Fuel consumption monthly to make sure you’re not paying too much

FPS Tank Safe Campaign

The FPS and OFTEC today officially launched their Tank Safe Campaign today urging oil-heated homeowners to make sure their storage tanks are fit for purpose.

The campaign features information on the Oilsave website for homeowners, oil distributors and service technicians and includes a short video aimed at giving consumers some clear, simple advice regarding their installations and how to reduce the risks of spills and environmental damage.

FPS members can view and share this video via the link below and add the link to their own websites and You tube channels.

We would like all members to take the time to view this video and promote it in any communications with their customers in order that the information is spread as widely as possible.

The video is supported by an new section on the FPS/OFTEC’s joint venture “Oilsave” website www.oilsave.org.uk.

The Launch includes Press Releases to both consumer & trade press, social media mentions and will be followed up with Distributor and Consumer information leaflets.

If you have any questions or queries about any of our products we offer, please phone us on 01386 579579 or use our contact form

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